“Chance and I have worked very closely on Nike Brand Marketing projects and he has been instrumental in identifying consumers/athletes for us to conduct market research.  He is very resourceful and is always willing to share his knowledge with others.  He takes initiative to make things happen.  An example of that was when Nike partnered with CSULB to conduct several focus group sessions.  We worked with the Athletics dept. and had many last minute cancellations.  With Chance’s leadership and influence, he was able to round up key consumers for us to conduct a detailed session.  This helped Nike tremendously, specifically for the Nike Global Sportswear Product Team.” 

- Selecia Pung, Nike

“Chance is a brilliant colleague who is highly dependable. The best quality, one from which I have been influenced in my professional career, about Chance is embodied by a statement he lives by, "If it has to get done, just do it." Chance doesn't wait for others to show up. He leads by example and exhibits great initiative. He is an extremely capable member I would always want on my team.”

- Wayne Stickney, Annual Fund Director, 49er Athletic Club

The Student Brand Manager program for many college students is their first career opportunity. Working at Red Bull I was able to have my first experience of what it was like to be truly passionate about a company and a job, Chance helped create that experience for me. He always brought a calm wisdom and respected guidance to our team. 

As I am a year into my post-grad career, and experiencing my own successes, I often reflect upon the mentor-ship I received from Chance and know that he's had a very positive impact upon where I am now. What I respected most was Chance's trust to let us work through our own challenges as they occurred, so that we could learn on the job. However, he always made sure we were aware of the takeaways from each experience. 

- Caitlin O'Holleran, Account Executive, Entelo

“Mr. Decker is first rate at marketing the events which fall under his leadership.  I attended the first ever Smoragssport, largely because of his marketing efforts.  I was really impressed with the outcome of this event and realized that the large crowd was there because of his "getting the word out".”

- Dr. Leland Vail, Director, Kaleidoscope Festival